It’s my last week of the art journaling course and I am trying to think of ways to incorporate what I’ve learned. It’s easy to focus on self-compassion, gratitude, and authenticity when you are given exercises each week to complete. However, once the course is over, I don’t want to let these things go. So I decided to start a gratitude jar. I found an old jar where I used to keep mosaic tile and created a little sign for it. I cut out some scrapbook paper and set it next to the jar to make it easy. No excuses! I set the jar in my studio, a place that brings me gratitude. Here is a photo of my jar. My goal is to put in one thing I am grateful for everyday. How do you practice gratitude?




4 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Love this idea! I may have to pull out my blessing bowl and start using it again but I kind of like the idea of a jar and having to write down what brings me gratitude! 🙂

  2. Oh cool, good idea. I had something similar, but with compliments. It’s sometimes easier to remember negative comments than positive ones, so in order to not forget the compliments, I stick ’em in a glass jar. Just in case I feel like crap, I know where to look first.

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