Art Journaling – Gratitude

Art Journaling – Gratitude

This week’s art journaling exercise on gratitude could not have come at a more fitting time. It was a week where I was stuck in noticing what wasn’t working, rather than taking note of the things that are working. The exercise itself also seemed fitting as we were asked to take photos of things from our everyday life that bring us gratitude. Having just got a new camera last weekend, this exercise seemed like it was made for me. Of course that doesn’t mean it was easy! I had to keep bringing my mind back to gratitude, as it kept wondering back to the negative. Brene talks about how joyful experiences don’t make us grateful. But rather it is practicing gratitude that makes us joyful. So on those tough days, it is important to notice the small ordinary things in our lives that can often get overlooked. Here are some photos of my everyday gratitude.

love letters
sleeping pooch
time to enjoy my morning coffee
time to enjoy my morning coffee

One thought on “Art Journaling – Gratitude

  1. Love this lesson. It took me back to when I used my blessing bowl every morning, filling it with water as I gave thanks for the blessings in my life. It always overflowed! I like the photo idea as it is a good reminder of the small graces. It made me think!!

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