Peace in the Mountains

Peace in the Mountains

Yesterday, I took a break from life and headed out to Cottonwood Canyon for a hike.  Since I moved to Bozeman in February, finding affordable housing has been difficult, to say the least. I’ve been back and forth between trying to rent and trying to buy a place. I thought I finally had it figured out and now it seems I am back to square one. On my hike, I was reminded of just why we pay the price (literally) to live here. Nature is right at our back door and it is absolutely gorgeous! As I came across an opening in the trail, I was taken back by the fields of wildflowers. So many colors and just rows and rows of flowers. It felt so peaceful and refreshing. I left feeling more grounded and a little more clear of why I continue to pay the price.



One thought on “Peace in the Mountains

  1. The photos are beautiful. Nature gives us space to breathe, bringing our thoughts back toward a honesty that we loose in our daily struggles in life. Finding balance…you are good at this and life will reward you!!

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